October and November 2013


Sandra after the operation. Looking great.

It has been an interesting couple of months with a little bit of rain and a little bit of sunshine.

Not long ago Sandra decided to have her goitre removed. She was rather nervous about this procedure even though her Doctor had said the he would not “ring bark” her. On the due date I got Sandra to the hospital on time and the operation was completed as scheduled.

After a couple of days and the swelling around her neck had disappeared, Sandra was back to her old self, but very tired most of the time.




Phillip Island

Annaliese and Maryrose resting after nearly destroying Nan and Grandad

It was time for a rest. So to Phillip Island for a few days. We had a 2 bedroom cabin at our disposal. Ken and Yvonne came down for lunch one day. Sandra spent most of the time recovering from her operation and was quite refreshed on the Saturday when we headed off to Banyule to watch a Calisthenics display by the Rosanna Calisthenics Club.  Our attendance at this activity was required because Annaliese was performing. It was a great couple of hours and the girls all performed admirably. Annaliese was presented with a Leaders Achievement Award. Well done, Annaliese!!

From here we went to Linda’s place and moved into her caravan for the night. Annaliese and Maryrose ran us ragged for a couple of hours before we were able to sneak off to bed. The next day was the Gannan Reunion at Brandon Park.


To Graham and Emma's

Nicholas in Granddads car

Sometime later Sandra and I headed off to Graham and Emma’s at Launching Place.  We were staying with them for a couple of days and even though Nicholas could not walk or crawl he was rather wearing. He seemed to enjoy our company and was prepared to put up with the fussing of Nan and Granddad. I have to admit it was good fun. For those that are not aware, Nicholas is number one Grandson.

It was not easy to relax at Graham and Emmas due to Nicholas, Dogs, Goat, Chooks and Roosters, but it did bring some interesting memories of an ealier time with Gerry, Alma, Ken and Christine. Actually, for me, the various noises were quite homely and I am really looking forward to our next stay.


Gannan Reunion 2013

Cecelia, David and Mary

Sandra and I arrived about midday Ken, Yvonne, Vicky and Dre were already there as was David. The day was overcast and cold. We were discussing heading home when a stranger appeared. That chap turned out to be Allan Brimelow, who looked healthy enough for a chap heading off to Afghanistan in a couple days to do some work for the United Nations. His only worry at this time was lunch, and he was heard to mutter “She had better hurry up with my lunch”. Eventually Rosemary arrived with said sandwich, Bill, Mary and Celia. Kim and Janelle were the last to arrive for that day. I hope I did not miss any one out!

I am sure those that came to the park enjoyed themselves and hope for a bigger roll out next year, probably at a different place, time and date. Ken is the "Go To" man for that.

To Lakes Entrance

Mount Hotham Village

All too soon it was time to head off again. This time to Lakes Entrance. After we arrive, settled in, had a couple of brews it dawned on us just how tiring that Annaliese, Maryrose and Nicholas were. Still, good fun. The next few days were spent visiting places like Nowa Nowa, Bairnsdale and other historic places. The RSL and Lakes Entrance Sports club are great places to eat. The food is good and even the vegetables are cooked properly

When it came time to leave we headed home along the Great Alpine Road up and over Mt Hotham and down to Wangaratta. It had been a very interesting three weeks

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02.07 | 08:09

Thanks for the reply - I found Gannan image on 14 Squadron archives whilst looking for John Hunter who was from Albury. I just wanted to advise - Cheers

02.07 | 07:56

Continuing, I have no information as to his time at 70 OTU other than he was on course No 13 and Passed. His name is Gerald Gannan who passed away in 1994.

02.07 | 07:49

G'day Chris. Sorry it took so long to answer. I have that pic somewhere. Just cannot find moment. It was among Dads Photos of 14 Sqn RAF. 70 OTU
Mar to May 42.

23.06 | 09:23

Hi Chris from Albury & District Historical Society - saw the image of the B26 in this post - can you advise where you found it as I'm doing some work on 70 OTU