Maryrose Elizabeth

Hurry up Granddad, we have to go to a party today. I am going to be Baptised, whatever that is!

The Baptism

Graham,Annaliese,Linda, Robert, Maryrose and Rebecca.

Maryrose likes parties. Here she was, being all dressed up, looking nice, as was Annaliese. Even Uncle Graham looked cool. She did not know what she was in for but was looking forward to this strange event.  Soon she was inside this building called a church, it looked OK, until she was taken up front to this birdbath thingo. A bucket was handed to Rob by the celebrant and Rob poured its contents into the birdbath(Font). Suddenly Maryrose was thrust into the arms of a chap who had his collar on back to front. This man spoke a bit and then started to splash Maryroses head with water. She responded by filling her nappy. It was time for everyone to escape. After the customary standaround after the sevice, every one went back to Law Street.

Our children and their partners and children
This does not happen very often. It is rare to get Graham, Linda and Samantha in the same photo as their partners and Annaliese and Maryrose
Robert,Linda, Maryrose,Graham, Sandra,Annaliese, Samantha,Emma, Andy and Paul.
I think this is a good picture and Jodies little finger could not go without an
honourable mention.
Maryrose with her God parents: Graham,Kath and Rebecca, not to forget Robert and Linda.
It was now time for some refreshment.
I wonder what this is?
Linda put on a brew some finger food and a cake.
Maryrose had an interest in the cake
A Taste.
She was most definately prepared to try it
Hey, everyone, this is good stuff!
The Ice Cream cake was a winner. It did not last long.
Linda and best friend Jodie
Jodie,Thomas and Anthony

The end of a good day.

As usual all good things come to an end and this occasion was no different. A little after 2pm Sandra and I prepared to leave, as did Samantha and Andy, back to Merrijig and Graham and Emma to Launching Place. A most enjoyable day and it was great to see the family together. I took quite a few photos, some of which I cannot find at the moment. They were taken outside the church and at Lindas. They included everyone that was at the party as well as Fred and Marj Ingham. When I find them I will put them up.

Annaliese 17.02.2013 07:42


Annaliese 15.02.2013 23:31

Hi grandad we love it

Paul 17.02.2013 07:39

Thank you Annaliese. It was fun doing it. Did you have a good day on Saturday?


Mary Brim' 20.10.2012 02:55

Looks as if a good time was had by all, especially Maryrose.
My congratulations Maryrose. Love from Auntie M xxx

paul gannan 20.10.2012 12:45

Thanks AMary. It is great to hear to comments. It was a great day and I would like to see a couple more like it. Love Paul and Sandra xx

Jess 14.10.2012 14:20

I wish I could of been there. Xxxxx

Paul 20.10.2012 12:47

Hey, Jess, we do too. Love UPaul and ASandra xx

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02.07 | 08:09

Thanks for the reply - I found Gannan image on 14 Squadron archives whilst looking for John Hunter who was from Albury. I just wanted to advise - Cheers

02.07 | 07:56

Continuing, I have no information as to his time at 70 OTU other than he was on course No 13 and Passed. His name is Gerald Gannan who passed away in 1994.

02.07 | 07:49

G'day Chris. Sorry it took so long to answer. I have that pic somewhere. Just cannot find moment. It was among Dads Photos of 14 Sqn RAF. 70 OTU
Mar to May 42.

23.06 | 09:23

Hi Chris from Albury & District Historical Society - saw the image of the B26 in this post - can you advise where you found it as I'm doing some work on 70 OTU